I bet you have a favorite food. .. maybe you have a few.  I know I do!

But, what happens when you find out that the thing you love eating the most is what’s hurting you? It’s causing you pain or making your skin breakout. A few trips to the doctors or maybe even a couple of hours of web searching later …. it’s an allergy or maybe just food sensitivity. Your body is literally repelling what you love. So, what do you do?

Most people assume that you would have to completely cut these foods out of your diet. With so many food allergy possibilities these days, the list of what you may not be able to eat could be endless. You can’t eat anything that contains these foods. For a lot of people, they feel like they’re going to starve. They have to learn to eat all over again. The most common things people find hard to work around are Gluten and Milk.  In our family we have allergies and sensitivities to gluten, corn, soy, beans and peas, tapioca, starchy root vegetables including potatoes, and the A2 milk protein among other things.

We’re here to say, STOP. You don’t have to give everything up! And your food doesn’t have to taste bland and boring. In having experience with many allergies, we’ve spent years testing and adapting recipes. Changing them to suit our dietary needs and blending the flavors so that no one can tell the difference from traditional cooking and baking.

We’ve done the work and the testing. Now we bring you the masterpieces so that you can make them in the comfort of your own home and your whole family can enjoy them.

Check out our recipes and explore your favorite foods all over again!

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