A2 Protein or Lactose Intolerant?

A couple of my daughters have a problem with dairy.  For years we thought they were lactose intolerant, but that was confusing.  One of the girls was having the same reaction with butter, cheese, cream and sour cream that she was having with regular cow’s milk.  If she was truly lactose intolerant wouldn’t she be fine with these dairy products since their is not any lactose in milk fat?

Well, when we came across the discovery that they had found a protein difference in the different breeds of bovine. We were excited.  You see, some cow breeds such as Jersey and Guernsey cows have traditionally produced A2 milk (although today they have to be tested and certified to be sure) whereas milk from black and white cows such as Holsteins usually produce mostly the A1 protein variant. Here is an interesting report from worldguernseys.org about the A1/A2 milk protein and the various effects on people.

We located the A2 milk at the grocery store and gave it a go.  My daughter was so delighted because she no longer had a stomach ache when drinking the A2 milk.  We soon realized though that the dairy supply for the A2 products is very limited.  So far we have found A2 milk and ice cream.  However, the ice cream still has other ingredients that are on our allergy and sensitivity list.  

Hopefully the dairy producers will rectify the A2 dairy line soon and bring an entire line of dairy products including sour cream, cream, butter, yogurts and cheese.  In the meantime, we have found some recipes (which we will share soon) to produce our own yogurt, soft cheeses and mock creams like whipped cream.

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