Choosing Your Ingredients

With allergies it is very important to always read the ingredients list.  No matter how many times you have purchased a product always read it.  Manufacturers are not required to notify the buyer when they change the ingredients in the products.  What was safe to buy off the shelf yesterday, may not be today.  That being said, we use ingredients in our recipes that we have been able to find allergy friendly for our family.  This is not always easy, but you will find, that given time, you will discover which stores in your area stock the base ingredients you are looking for.

We have lived in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.  Moving between countries, we have found that what is available definitely varies.  It has been more difficult, though not impossible, to locate particular items in rural areas versus larger cities.  Each country has it’s own food standards, though all three closely follow the USFDA, their standards still vary.

You may not have thought about it before, but you actually need to ask what ingredients are in a fresh cut of meat now.  We discovered when we moved to Australia that it was a common practice for the meats to be soaked in a solution that may contain dyes, preservatives and yes corn, tapioca, potato and gluten to increase the weight of the meat.  However, if you buy your meats at a Halal, Kosher or organic butcher shop, you can usually be sure that the meat is just that…. meat and nothing else.  We also found other butchers that provided dye and preservative free meat.  They of course were more expensive than some of the grocery store meats.  So if you ask the person behind the meat counter if you can see the ingredients list of the meat and they are not aware of this, you may get some strange looks.  If they can’t tell you what is actually in the meat, don’t buy it.  It isn’t worth the allergic reactions.



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