A2 Protein or Lactose Intolerant?

A couple of my daughters have a problem with dairy.  For years we thought they were lactose intolerant, but that was confusing.  One of the girls was Continue reading “A2 Protein or Lactose Intolerant?”

Choosing Your Ingredients

With allergies it is very important to always read the ingredients list.  No matter how many times you have purchased a product always read it.  Manufacturers are not required to notify the buyer when they change the ingredients in the products.  What was safe to buy off the shelf yesterday, may not be today.   Continue reading “Choosing Your Ingredients”


I bet you have a favorite food. .. maybe you have a few.  I know I do!

But, what happens when you find out that the thing you love eating the most is what’s hurting you? It’s causing you pain or making your skin breakout. A few trips to the doctors or maybe even a couple of hours of web searching later …. it’s an allergy or maybe just food sensitivity. Your body is literally repelling what you love. So, what do you do? Continue Reading